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Posted by retro_rider55 on 2008.06.06 at 23:18
The Kingston Trio: Dave Guard had a crisp, meticulous - and fast - banjo style. John Stewart might not have had the mechanical technique, but since he wrote bags-full of songs for The Guys, he had a certain 'feeling' to his playing that was his, not Guard's.


Hello. I'm posting this here because I legitimately believe that people here might be interested in it, even if chances are slim that the few members here live anywhere near the event. But the least I could do is make you aware of this music. Not all of these artists are folk, but those who are I really think are worthy of your attention. Changes formed in the late '60's, and are worth checking out to anyone interested in the folk music of that era. They're really, really timeless and beautiful. There's perhaps a Celtic flare to there music, but it's not strictly Celtic by any means. The Lindbergh Baby and The Ancient and the Transmundane have elements of psych folk, there might even be a little country to The Lindbergh Baby.

If anything, you can listen to these artists (except The Lindbergh Baby, sadly) perform live on Prime Audio Soup on a href="http://www.wriu.org/">WRIU</a> on Friday, April 20th from 9 pm to Midnight Eastern Standard time. Yes, you can find streaming audio on the station's web site!

Event details as follows ...

A Night of Esoteric Folk Music and Apocalyptic Soundscapes


The legendary predecessors and elder statesmen of neofolk. Timeless, rousing, tuneful folk music ablaze with the Fire of Life. On Tesco and HauRuck!
see also:official Changes web site

The Lindbergh Baby
Heathen psychedelic folk, or "psychoactive folklore". Led by Scott Broderick of Blood Axis. Neuropa Records.

As All Die
Martial industrial + dark ambient + doomladen neofolk/neoclassical. Dying Empylver Productions.
see also:official As All Die web site

Life Toward Twilight
Chilling ambient soundscapes with neoclassical overtones.
see also: official Life Toward Twilight web site

Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre
"Ragtime for the modern epoch."
see also: Eskimo Films

And also featuring a short set of stark, ravaged acoustic compositions by
The Ancient and the Transmundane

Music before and between sets courtesy of DJ Heathen Panzer, host of Chaos Sedated on Radio Free Satan.

CDs and other merchandise will be sold by Tesco USA, so bring cash -- I know I will! ;)

Saturday, April 21st, 2007
upstairs at Eagles, 270 Pleasant Street, Northampton, Massachusetts, United States
7 pm (note time change)
$7 -- admission will be on sale at the door, but can also be reserved by e-mailing remnantsaflame@yahoo.com

Posted by retro_rider55 on 2006.08.13 at 17:27
Uhm, did anyone out there catch the PBS Kingston Trio retrospective Wherever We May Go a few weeks back? I thought what little they showed of their sitcom pilot, Three Men In A Hurry showed promise; I'd like to see the whole thing if I could get my hands on it. I'm also impressed with how good the sound was on their live TV appearances back then, with just one boom mike overhead. Bob and the guys also played a helluva lot better in the old days, too.

belting storm

Dont miss this!

Posted by earthymom on 2006.07.24 at 14:46
Hi all, this is my first post though i've browsed here a few times. If you love live music, you definitely do not want to miss this!!


what's your favorite folk song by a woman?

Posted by kimruehl on 2006.03.06 at 16:28
hey everyone -

apologies for those who saw this in the folkfans community...
i'm compiling a list of the greatest folk songs by women in the following categories: protest, love, traveling, stories, and other.

let the voting begin!


Folk Stuff

Posted by edith_mf on 2006.02.24 at 22:44
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I thought I'd share this Pandora.com station even though I think I may add more music still. It is trying to be classic folk music, like the stuff in that famous sing along book Rise Up Singing.


I hope sometime they add Fred Small music to Pandora (some of his songs are in Rise Up Singing). I can't consider it done until I can add something by him.

I am still futzing with it. I just added Burl Ives, and it seems to have had a scattering effect making the station prone to instrumental music. We'll see.

springfield republicans
Posted by 50ft_eyesores on 2006.02.15 at 09:42
do you guys know any good classic folk (or even recent folk) love songs?

if so, post them here!


bender in a top hat


Posted by masterbirdy on 2006.02.12 at 15:01
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Hiya. Though I admit that I'm not too knowledgeable on classic folk, I love the sound of folk music in general. :) I think some of my favourite classic artists are Nick Drake and Simon & Garfunkel. Actually, I believe I'm into more contemporary folk, such as Animal Collective and Iron & Wine, but that's another story. I will be lurking in the community with much interest.

springfield republicans


Posted by 50ft_eyesores on 2006.02.12 at 14:17
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Hi guys!

If anyone knows of any good folk-related websites, post them in a comment and I will create a comprehensive list on the info page. kimruehl mentioned one in her recent post, does anyone have any others?

Also, if any members are themselves folk artists, I can create a separate section for member websites if you'd like them posted.


P.S. I will put this post in the memories section as well so that new members can continue to post websites as they join.

hey yall

Posted by kimruehl on 2006.02.12 at 11:12
i just wanted to say hi, since i just joined this community. i'm a folksinger based in seattle, and i also have a really cool day job handling the folk music site for about.com. if you're looking to learn more about folk history, you can go there. there's also all kinds of interviews, reviews, recommendations, and other info.

anyhow, just thought i'd say hi and i'm looking forward to future posts about classic folk!

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